Yoga Gives Back

Young women gain digital literacy skills in West Bengal, India

Yoga Gives Back, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit, is launching a new program called the Women Rise Digital Center in West Bengal, India.

The Center will provide 100 computers to serve 2,400 women and girls from 35 rural villages. We are so excited to be a part of this entrepreneurial endeavor that we decided to support them in more ways than one.

In August 2022, we pledged to provide $4,000 of in-kind fundraising and marketing services to Yoga Gives Back this year. We also donated $108 because it provides computer and Internet access with skills training for one girl for a year. In yoga, the number 108 represents spiritual completion and the wholeness of existence. For the cost of one yoga class, we are improving a young woman’s life.

A relevant documentary worth watching: