As time and energy allow for it, I donate my services to causes I care about.

If you have a new project focused on the environment, sustainability, minimalism, or an aspect of climate-related social justice, please use my contact form to let me know. I may be able to help.

Marketing Volunteer

Sierra Club Grassroots Network Team | National Water Sentinels
Sep 2020 – Present

As a volunteer, I support the National Water Sentinels leadership team with graphic design, grant writing, content marketing strategy, and website updates.

Website Updates

One aspect of our work that I am proud of is the addition of a sub-menu structure and dedicated subcommittee pages to an existing website. From the landing page, we created new content and gave it a new structure:

  • Water Sentinels
    • About Our Work
    • Water Affordability
    • Water Quality Monitoring
    • Western Waters
    • Get Involved

The addition of the sub-menu to the landing page conveys the degree to which our team is organized for a clear purpose. Each subcommittee has its own explanation of problems, solutions, a vision, and a mission pertaining to their selected focus. The new menu system allows a viewer to quickly scan the work of the team so they can find volunteer work that interests them.


Another aspect I am proud to share is the first edition of the Water Sentinels newsletter. This project was organized by a committee of the leadership team. Along with another marketing volunteer, we created a content submission form and invited members of the Water Sentinels to contribute their activist stories.

We had a handful of choices for platforms to create and send the e-newsletter. In the end, we opted to use a Google Site on the team’s Google Drive for the visual layout and we used the existing Sierra Club’s Salesforce email marketing platform to share a letter of introduction and the link to read the e-newsletter. It was sent to roughly 400 existing email subscribers.

I designed the visual formatting from scratch and included some of my western waters nature photos from cross-country train trips. Our other volunteer compiled, edited, and prepared the narrative content that I inserted to the visual design.

Click the banner to see our first edition.