Bringing Your Brand to Life

Let’s grow your online presence and keep it fresh.

Chase Digital Solutions provides online marketing solutions to artists, freelancers, startups, and nonprofits.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

—Leonardo DaVinci


Brand Development

Bold and uplifting; yet friendly and inspiring. We build brands that people admire and trust.

Cloud-based Office Setup

Use web smart tools to work anytime, anywhere–effortlessly and efficiently.

Digital Marketing

Make a great first impression and continue to engage your clients online.

Website Design

Choose your content management system for the best blend of style and functionality.


Rob Cummings Consulting

Rob Cummings has a website on the Business plan.


LMG INTERIØR has a Square Online store powered by Weebly.


LMG INTERIØR has a website on the eCommerce plan.

Esther brings a rare combination of cutting-edge talent and client sensitivity to her work. She listens, she asks questions, and she delivers. In developing my new website and connecting it to a paid subscription email, Esther identified the tools and patiently led me through each step. The finished product reflects Esther’s considerable creative talent that was conveyed to her client in a patient, understanding manner. She is a joy to work with, consistently available, and a professional I recommend with enthusiasm.

—Rob Cummings, fundraising expert and author of Winning: The Five Truths of Fundraising

Wave Babe Hair Studios

Wave Babe Hair has a website on the Premium plan.

Bernard’s Tile Installation

Bernard’s Tile has a website on the Free plan.

Simply Flowers

Simply Flowers has a website on the Business plan.

“Esther is amazing. She sat with me for 20+ minutes and helped walk me through all my challenges. She was patient and kind, and when we resolved an issue, rather than trying to move on, she always asked, “What else can I help you with?” A knowledgeable and friendly professional!”

—a user


“Had a couple of basic pre-purchase questions on domains and using for a nonprofit. Esther was terrific to deal with. Helped turn me to instead of a competitor.”

—a user