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Chase Digital Solutions provides online marketing solutions to freelancers, startups, and nonprofits.


Brand Development

Bold and uplifting; yet friendly and inspiring. We build brands that people admire and trust.

Website Design

Choose your content management system for the best blend of style and functionality.

Digital Marketing

Make a great first impression and continue to engage your customers online.


Bernard’s Tile Installation

Bernard’s Tile has a website on the Free plan.

Simply Flowers

Simply Flowers has a website on the Business plan.

Line Mullins Group INTERIØR

LMG INTERIØR has a Square Online Store powered by Weebly.

Line Mullins Group INTERIØR

LMG INTERIØR has a website on the eCommerce plan.

“Patient and THOROUGH! I thought my problem was fixed and was thrilled. She followed through to not only make sure she could see the fixes on her end but then went above and beyond to help streamline the look I didn’t even know I needed. Esther is amazing. Thank you!”

—a user


“Esther made everything very easy to understand and helped me pick a theme for my blog about sports and music. Incredible job.”

—a user