When I’m not actively building websites for clients, I happily answer support questions for WordPress.com users through a third-party service.

My previous experience at service desks and teaching basic technology classes in public libraries has prepared me for this challenging yet rewarding work. To maintain privacy standards, the names of users are not divulged in our service platform.

“Esther was very kind and patient, answering my questions. I’m a novice at managing our organization’s web site and she explained things clearly. She also pointed me in the direction to get more technical help, and I really appreciate her assistance. I was able to move forward with my project and get resolution to my challenges. Thank you, Esther!”

—a WordPress.com user


“Wonderful to have had Esther’s help. She saved the day in less than 10 minutes. Without her help, I most likely would have had to rebuild the site from scratch.”

—a WordPress.com user


“I am so thankful for Esther’s knowledge, problem-solving gifts, and competence in guiding me through a very frustrating process to recover my blog site. Thank you for your patience.”

—a WordPress.com user


“Esther is amazing. She sat with me for 20+ minutes and helped walk me through all my challenges. She was patient and kind, and when we resolved an issue, rather than trying to move on, she always asked, “What else can I help you with?” A knowledgeable and friendly professional!”

—a WordPress.com user


“Thank you very much Esther. You gave good, clear responses to my questions in good timing. And you were patient and understanding about my lack of tech skills. Your answer confirmed what I was thinking and you also affirmed what I was doing to save all my content was on point. Thank you for your courteousness.”

—a WordPress.com user