What is a cloud-based office?

A cloud-based office makes your data accessible on your mobile devices.

Being able to access your data “anytime, anywhere” offers you lifestyle flexibility.

It also saves time and energy that you could re-invest in building relationships with your clients or developing new initiatives.

Planning Your Mobile Office

We’ll begin the process of setting up your cloud-based office by mapping out:

  1. each place you have your data stored
  2. how many steps are involved to access the data
  3. possible cloud-based solutions to increase accessibility and efficiency
  4. new or existing devices you can use to achieve your mobility goals

Doing More with Less

As we plan your cloud-based office, it will soon include mobile-friendly ways to:

  • create new content
  • collaborate with your clients
  • update your key logistics information
  • manage all of your social media in one app
  • provide a front-facing scheduling solution
  • manage your endeavor’s financials
  • plan and keep track of your professional relationships
  • manage projects that take place in any environment
  • visually chart your short-term and long-term goals
  • do just about any other thing you can imagine; if it’s possible, we can do it.

Digital Solutions

Depending on your needs as well as your budget, we will consider:

  • free versions of apps with limited features
  • paid versions of apps with industry-specific features
  • digitization of your essential documents and information
  • initial database setup, migration from old-to-new, and maintenance
  • tailored instruction and coaching for adapting to new technology

The output of setting up your cloud-based office will be increased flexibility, decreased stress, and new opportunities to enhance the impact of your endeavor.

A final thought on cloud-based offices:

Your workflow should give you the highest degree of freedom that cultivates a healthy balance between work and rest.