Tom of All Trades

I have been lucky to have worked in a wide range of professions, including customer service, management, and information technology.

While every role has its challenges, it also has opportunities; I try to do the best I can with what is available.

I’m also grateful to have had a wide range of educational experiences, resulting in an associate degree in computer information systems, a bachelor’s degree with a focus on marketing, management information systems, and leadership, as well as a master’s degree in instructional technology and design.

Technologically Savvy

In the technology realm I have been a programmer, a software customization specialist, a technical process specialist, and more recently a video editor. I have a wide range of technical experience, from structured programming languages such as FORTRAN and COBOL to more fluid environments including Visual Basic, webpage creation, and multimedia authoring.

Environmentally Aware

I believe that technologies, when developed and employed properly, have potential benefits—especially if they are designed with respect for the natural environment they will be used in.