What is good design?

Three devices stacked on each other, including a smart phone, a tablet, and a laptop.

Good design might be hard to come by, but it’s easier to understand after watching this Roman Mars talk about city flag design. Simple eye-catching designs tend to work best for visual identity and recognition, which I would posit is the purpose of a logo or a flag to begin with.

I was also lucky enough to stumble upon a Lynda.com course on logo design tips and tricks that had the same effect.

Here’s a sample logo design I was working on based on something I drew first. It was before I started using Adobe Illustrator, but I got the job done with Canva nonetheless.

However, another course called The Science of Logo Design that I just started on Lynda.com seems to turns that logic on its head. I’m looking forward to seeing how it disrupts the newly formed ideas about good design I’ve recently been cultivating.

[updated Nov. 4, 2020]

The state of Mississippi voted to adopt a new flag featuring a magnolia flower instead of the confederate flag. I believe it is a vast improvement.

Image: Wikipedia

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